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To make a booking/reservation, choose which of our 4 properties you are considering booking:

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The Byre (sleeps 2)



Sleeps: 2
Cost: £325 - £475

The last two weeks in August are available. 

Book or check availability for the Byre >



The Bu (Sleeps 1-3)








Sleeps 1-3
Cost £375 - £550

Book or check availability of the Bu > 

October is mainly free.



Turriedale (sleeps 2-4)



Sleeps: 2-4
Cost: £425 - £595

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Last week of August free.



East Heddle  (sleeps 2-6)









Sleeps: 2 - 6
Cost: £625 - £895

May, June and July 2018 fully booked. 

Late August onward available.

Book or check availability of East Heddle >